Response from Patients and People on Curcumin


Other Diseases


Breast Cancer

Subject # 404: ... ..My sister has been taking NatXtra Curcumin for several months and her breast cancer marker has dropped by 81% from 11683 to 2204 on November 5. We would like to thank you for your years of dedicated research into non-toxic cancer treatments such as curcumin... ..

Subject # 125: ...... I have been using curcumin (now up to 5 g. daily) since early 2006, after I was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer and read about Dr. Aggarwal's research. I also take Quercetin, resveratrol and a Cox 2 inhibitor. I continue to enjoy excellent health.........

Subject # 125: ...... I am still surviving stage IV breast cancer - now almost 5 years but ca-15-3 marker is staring to trend up. Now taking 5 gm curcumin daily (I started in 2006 when first diagnosed stage after reading about Dr. Aggarwal's studies) and I know curcumin has helped with very long remission, Should I increase dose as markers trend up? What is maxium safe amount?.........

Subject # 441: ..... I was first diagnosed in August 2010 with stage IV breast cancer (The tumour is Estrogen +ve Progesterone +ve Herceptin -ve) with mets to 2 of bones on the lumbar region of my spine. Being proactive by nature, I scoured the internet for alternative or supplementary treatments that would assist my condition. I have reduced my meat intake and eat a diet loaded with antioxidants, and juice fresh fruit and vegetables daily (initially). My research also, revealed your work with curcumin and so 6 weeks after diagnosis I started taking curcumin. At the beginning I was taking 8 gms/day, my first scans at 3 months revealed that the tumour in my breast had reduced by 40% I continued my regime but reduced the curcumin to 5 gms per day. (Taking 16 tablets is quite a chore) In February I had my six month scans and assessments and while there was still evidence of the cancer as displayedin the bone scan the ultrasound of the breast was not able to detect the tumour. .....

Cervical Cancer

Subject # 403: ... ..I have started taking 8g x d of curcumin (sometimes with pepper). My skin looks amazing however I do not know about the cancer yet. I was wondering if there is any preliminary data on cervical cancer and curcumin in people from the clinical trial you mentioned - eg time it takes to work, dosage with pepper, higher dosage better results etc. Note that I do not have any side effects and feel great. I really believe in curcumin and as nothing else can be done to get me well I will keep going... ..

Subject # 403: ... ..I want to share with you my great happiness as today I had an MRI done and there is NO evidence of enlarged pelvic lymphnodes! I started taking 8gr of curcumin per day on 3Dec09 (stopped for one day due to pain, took 4gr for 1 day, then 6gr for 2 days, then again 8gr). I will keep you posted... ...

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Subject # 278: ,,,,,As discussed last month I started giving Curcumin 500 mg to my mother. She is taking 12 Capsule every day. The good result is that she is not having any allergy which she had before taking this and one parameter LY has come down little... ... ... ... .

Endometrial Cancer

Subject # 423: .... .On Aug. 23, I completed one year of taking curcumin (8 capsules / day). Going forward, is there a different recommended dosage, or should I continue with the 8 capsules per day? Initial diagnosis May, 2009: Endoometrial cancer, Grade 1 tumor, Stage 3A due to positive peritoneal cytology, Less than 50% myometrial invastion, Clear lymph nodes, Clear cervix, Clear ovaries, ER - / PR - cancer cells, Total hysterectomy. Two months ago, I had another cat scan -- no changes noted, took Megace the first 7 months, Have been taking Curcumin for 1 year now. Thanks, and may God continue to bless your research....... .

Familial Adenomatous Polyposis

Subject # 307: .... .recall I am administering curcumin to my son (now 16 yrs) for FAP. 2008 Feb ;The first scope revealing 100-150 polyps, 2mm - 5mm size (displasia in some) 2008 Dec; The 2nd scope very much the same result. 2010 March 3rd scope now revealing an estimated 50 polyps with 2mm the largest (no biopsy taken as they are now just bumps on the surface).
This is a very positive result for us, and I would like to thank you for your valuable work in this area. I am aware he will need to continue to take the curcumin for the rest of his life, as a preventative measure on the polyps. He is on 2 grams a day with piperine. I now will be booking my other two children positive with FAP for their first scope (13 yrs on 1 gram a day & 14 yrs on 1.5 grams a day of curcumin...... .

Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM)

Subject # 431: ....My Dad has been taking 8 grams a day for about 2 months. He has done very well so far. He had surgery for GBM IV on December 3, 2009. He had 6 wks. of radiation/temodar after that. He has just completed his 2nd round of Temodar 5 days /off 23 days. He has not been scheduled for an MRI yet. He was curious to know how long he should take curcumin.........

Mantle Cell Lymphoma

Subject # 436: .......I took 8 grams of curcumin per day for 3 months.. The last P.E.T scan in June came out clean. Can you please tell me if I should continue taking 8 grams or is there a maintenance dosage of curcumin that I can take to avoid the recurrence of the Mantle Cell Lymphoma.......... .

Mast Cell Tumor

Subject # 426: .... . I have emailed you a couple of times in the past, about the use of curcumin with some of my pets, and I thought I would provide a current update. I currently take it myself and use it with all my current pets, particularly the older ones. Some of the younger ones just get turmeric sprinkled on their food, but all the older ones are getting at least 2 capsules (of 500 mg) a day. I have also recommended its use to a number of friends and relatives of mine, including my sister who had breast cancer about 10 years ago (and is still in remission, happily).
When I first wrote you, about 4 years ago, it was about one of my old dogs who had a mast cell tumor on his thigh and a centimeter wide melanoma on the back of his tongue, both found in late February of 2005. I had brought him in to have the mast cell tumor removed, but they found the melanoma while intubating him and removed it instead, with dirty margins, with similar cells in his lymph nodes and spots on his lungs in his x-rays. My vet gave him a prognosis of 6 months, and the specialist at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists said 2 months at maximum. I ended up giving him 4 capsules of curcumin (500 mg each) per day, and he lived 2 years, 3 months, and a day after the specialist gave him at most 2 months, doing very well until his last few weeks, living to be over 14 (pretty old for a mid sized dog), maybe as much as 15 or 16 or 17, since I am sure he was at least 1 1/2 when I found him but possibly much older. The melanoma eventually came back on his tongue, after over a year and a half and was removed a second time. It apparently eventually spread to his internals, possibly kidneys or pancreas, where it probably killed him.
So the curcumin did not stop the cancer, but it certainly appeared to greatly slow its growth and delay its metastasis. I have read that melanoma is very aggressive, and if some pathways to growth are blocked, then it will find others. My suspicion is that the curcumin blocked the initial pathways, forcing it to find others.But also, the mast cell tumor, which was never removed, which is normally quite aggressive, never grew very much and never appeared to spread, as it normally does. In the first year it perhaps doubled in width and thickness (from the size of a nickel to that of a quarter, perhaps) but then seemed to grow no more. Indeed, by the time he died, over 2 years and 3 months after it was found, it appeared to have withered somewhat. Thus it looked as if the curcumin may have inhibited and finally stopped its growth and prevented its spread. This leads me to wonder if anyone has studied curcumin with canine mast cell tumors. They are not uncommon in dogs, especially in some breeds, though apparently rare in people. If it has not been done, this might be a useful study to do.
The second time I emailed you, I believe I referred to another dog of mine, who started having behavior changes (like intentionally urinating on the bed, which she had never done before), then started having problems walking and appearing brain dead (able to walk but completely unaware of her environment, sounds or sights or smells), followed by 3 seizures. The emergency vet suspected a brain tumor (x-rays and blood tests showed nothing obvious), said I should get ready to put her to sleep. But I put her on high doses of prednisone for a month (in case of brain inflammation from a brain tumor) and high doses of curcumin (8 capsules a day, at 500 mg per capsule). In 3 days her mind returned and her walking improved, and within 2 weeks she was pretty much normal, lived over 20 more months to die at over 15 (from complications of a spinal problem). It is not certain she had a brain tumor, as I never had her brain scanned, since she improved so quickly, but it seems a likely possibility. Though perhaps some sort of encephalitis might have had similar symptoms, but I don't know. So maybe the combination of curcumin and prednisone helped, or maybe she got better on her own, no way to tell for sure.
However, I bring this up because nearly 2 years ago a friend of mine outside Los Angeles had a dog that was diagnosed with a brain tumor (by a brain scan) and a mast cell tumor on its throat, after having problems walking, I think where one side did not seem to respond, where the specialists gave the dog a prognosis of 6 months. The mast cell tumor was removed, but the brain tumor was inoperable. I told my friend about my dog with the possible brain tumor and my use of curcumin and prednisone with it, suggesting she might also try it for the brain tumor (as well as perhaps to help prevent the mast cell tumor from coming back, as they often come back nearby), and she tried it. That was in May of 2008, and the dog is still alive and doing well, almost 2 years later, confounding the specialists he was taken to, who expected him to be dead in 6 months. He is still taking curcumin (2000 mg a day, I think) and is still on low doses of prednisone. My friend says that if they stop the prednisone for a while, some walking problems start to reappear, but restarting the prednisone seems to stop the problems. My suspicion is that the curcumin may have stopped or greatly slowed the growth of the tumor and the prednisone is preventing inflammation from its continued presence.
Anyway, after apparent success with my old dog and my friend's dog with curcumin and prednisone for a brain tumor or possible brain tumor, this suggests it might be useful to study this combination with various types of inoperable brain tumors. Besides this, my friend's dog has yet to have any recurrence of the mast cell tumor, which may or may not be due to the curcumin (or the prednisone, which I understand can affect some types of mast cell tumors).
I have recently had more experience with mast cell tumors, unfortunately. I adopted a dog from the Houston pound (B.A.R.C.) last May, because he looked like he could be the son or brother of my old dog I mentioned above who had the melanoma and the mast cell tumor. The old dog was a red colored lab/chow mix I unoriginally named Red, and the new dog is the same, so I named him similarly, Ruddy, also for his color. Ruddy was between 4 and 5 years old when I took him in, according to my vets. He turned out to have a severe case of heartworms, with enlargement of the heart and lung involvement (much like his predecessor Red when I took him in), but we successfully treated it over the course of 4 months, with no complications (unlike Red, who coughed up blood from his lungs twice after the treatment but still survived to live 12 more years). But in late September, just after finishing the heartworm treatment, I felt 2 small lumps on his chest, just behind his left front leg, which turned out to be grade 2 mast cell tumors (moderately aggressive, accounting for about 90 percent of such tumors, the rest being very aggressive grade 3 or not too aggressive grade 1). I had the 2 removed in mid October, but the margins were very narrow (only 2 or 3 mm), when they like to get an inch margin, because they typically are so aggressive, often recur within a year or two. One person I know from an email list I am on had a dog that had several mast cell tumors in the course of its life, the first at age 2 or so, the last one finally killing it at about age 11 or so). I took Ruddy to a specialist (Sugarland Veterinary Specialists, which one of my vets uses and recommended), to look at further options to try to prevent recurrence (chemo, radiation, or further surgery to get larger margins). The day before I took him, I found another small lump on the right side of his throat, which also turned out to be a grade 2 mast cell tumor.
The vet did a full exam, x-rays, ultrasound, complete blood work, examination of a nearby lymph node, to set if it had spread any. Happily, the exam showed no evidence of spread, so we opted to remove the new tumor and take wider margins around the original incision, and Ruddy is currently doing well.
The tumors were probably already present when I took Ruddy in 4 or 5 months before, but just too small to notice. When I took him in, I started putting turmeric on his food, and 2 months later, when we started the adult heartwormtreatment, I started giving him 2 capsules of curcumin a day, along with prednisone, for any lung inflammation, so all this may have helped slow the growth of the 3 tumors and prevent their metastasis. Once I discovered the tumors, I started giving him 8 capsules a day, though I cut it back to 4 a day after their removal. Hopefully the curcumin will help prevent their recurrence. When I talked to the canine oncologist, I asked him if mast cells tumors had a genetic component, and he said they probably did, since they were more prevalent in some breeds. I asked because both my Ruddy and his predecessor Red were very similar dogs who had mast cell tumors, so far the only dogs I have had who have had them (and I have had many different types of dogs over the years). Also, I have seen pictures of my friend's dog out in California who had the brain tumor and the mast cell tumor, and he is also a red colored lab/chow mix, looking much like both my Red and Ruddy. And the dog on the email list I am on that eventually died of a mast cell tumor was a different breed but still sort of reddish colored.
So I have to wonder if it might be linked somehow to a red color. I have heard that human red heads are more prone to some cancers, so perhaps there is some relation. As another interesting item related to curcumin, I have 2 older dogs, a brother and sister from the same litter, Doberman mixes, about 12 1/2 years old, whom I found in my front yard as 2 month old puppies years ago. The female has had urinary incontinence issues for years, occasionally urinating in her sleep. Last year I came home to find her apparently having a seizure, ran her to the emergency veterinary clinic, where a physical exam and complete blood work showed nothing obvious, the vet said it might be a brain tumor, but it wasn't clear. By the time we went home, she was mostly normal again. She had been getting turmeric on her food, but I immediately started giving her 4 capsules of curcumin a day instead, in case she might have a brain tumor. So far, 6 or 8 months later, she has been fine, no more seizures. Whether she had such a tumor or the curcumin has helped is not clear, but it is at least possible.
But one thing definitely has changed. Once on the high dose of curcumin, her urinary incontinence while sleeping stopped. Perhaps this is just a coincidence, but I somehow think not. Are you aware of any such effects with curcumin or why it might have such an effect? In the last few months her brother also started having some urinary incontinence issues while sleeping (which suggests there may be some genetic proclivity for it with them). I was already giving him 2 curcumin capsules a day, after having him neutered a couple of years ago after finding a lump on his testicles (which turned out to be a benign cyst). But I doubled it to 4 capsules a day, and his urinary incontinence has mostly stopped (he has done it a few times since, but not often, like it was before). This is further evidence that curcumin might have positive effects on urinary incontinence. As a sidelight, after curcumin apparently helped my old dog Red survive so long with his melanoma and mast cell tumor, a number of my vets (I use Meyerland Animal Clinic, which has 5 or 6 veterinarians) have started using it personally. One of the owners had breast cancer and is using it as an adjunct to her therapy. She told me that she even changed doctors after her first doctor was dismissive of it. She had done some research and said that pepper extract could help make the curcumin more available to the body, said that some brands had it and some did not, said she was taking that separately. Do you have any information on this?
Another of the owners was already familiar with curcumin and taking it, not for cancer, but because his family had a history some sort of dementia or something, which I believe one study suggested curcumin might help prevent.... .


Subject # 289: ... ... ... Four and a half years ago my wife (now 86) had a 1.7 mm melanoma on her lower leg. This was removed by a plastic surgeon but left a lemon sized hole which subsequently has filled in by half. I had seen an article about Dr Aggarwal's research with curcumin and immediately contacted him. He graciously replied and recommended 8 gms of curcumin per day. We followed his recommendation up to 6 gms a day when patient resistence developed so we left it at that for 4 yrs. Since no further symptoms occured we gradually reduced the dosage to 3 gms per day and maintain that religiously. She is in excellent health and besides yoga, cycling, and weight training pulls a golf cart around 18 hoes of golf twice a week. My present concern is do we continue this dosage, increase it, or change to a product with piperine. We have used nothing other than Turmeric-Curcumin from New York (Chris). I personally want to express our gratitude to you for your outstanding research and especially your generosity in communicating this material... ... ... ..

Subject # 420: ... .My husband, just had his yearly checkup with his cancer specialist, Dr. Martin at Kaiser Permanente, San Diego, CA and now has been melanoma free for over 6 years. I would like Dr. Aggarwal to know. Sid has been on 1,000 mg of curcuminoids every day. He did try to up the dosage to 1,500 mg per day but had a stomach reaction of acid reflux. He still gets other skin cancers and pre-cancerous growths but they are not melanoma. The curcuminoids have slowed this down... ..

Subject # 424: ...... My son, Craig was diagnosed with Stage 3 melanoma in September of 2007. He participated in a Phase 2 clinical trial at the City of Hope here in California in January of 2008. The trial had something to do with taking out his white cells, boosting them with TLI (see attached because I am sure I don't have it right!) then they are injected back in his system to go after the bad cells. It is called Transgenic Lymphocyte Immunization (TLI) against Telomerase. ......I believe Craig told me that he has been taking 8 grams per day of Curcumin since the end of the trial. He continues to have clean PT scans every 3 months. We do believe that the Curcumin is playing an important part in his continuing good health. Thank you for talking with me back then and for convincing me of the benefits of this amazing herb and the possibility that it has to kill off melanoma cells. We also would be interested to hear if your research has produced any new developments with melanoma. ...... .

Subject # 437: ......On 5 November 2008 I had an operation in Japan to remove a 'hemorrhoid'. It turned out to be a melanoma in the anal canal. I started taking 4000 mg of curcumin with bioperine per day. I have been taking 4000 mg of curcumin with bioperine per day for 18 months to the present. Recently, I had an endoscopy and two CT scans. There has been no spread of the melanoma and no trace of it remains. I am very satisfied with the effects of curcumin and have no negative side-effects. My question: May I now reduce my daily dosage (4000 mg of curcumin with bioperine per day) to a lower maintenance level? Or should I continue at 4000 mg of curcumin per day? .........

Multiple Myeloma

Subject #317: ... ... ...I am a patient with Multiple Myeloma (smoldering). I was first diagnosed with MGUS in the year 2000. A few years ago I learned of your work and have been taking Curcumin extract since then. I was on your email list and so was my daughter who was in management at Aetna Insurance. When I saw what I think are your most recent dosage recommendations, I started taking approximately 1000 mg in one dose in the morning about an hour before I ate any food. For a long time there did not seem to be any effect. Then I had a laser surgery on my prostate and there was a surge in my M protein to 42 and my hemoglobin dropped to the anemic level. The doctors started talking about transfusions, etc., but after a month or so, everything changed and then my M protein started dropping until it got down to 28 and my hemoglobin climbed back to 13. The doctors said they had not seen that happen before. But three months later in my next scheduled test, M protein climbed to 32 and hemoglobin dropped to 12. Then last test in December 2008 showed 36 and 11.8. I continue with the same dosage level of curcumin. The three hematologists who have treated me all encourage curcumin, they have heard of it, but they have read none of the research and are apparently not particularly interested. I wonder if you have a more current recommendation of curcumin use than what I am doing. I also wonder if you would recommend combining capsicum extract with curcumin as I saw from a recent research paper of yours that you think capsicum has a beneficial effect on myeloma... ... ..

Subject # 273: ... ... ..My husband has Multiple Myeloma and has been on 6 grams curcumin w/bioperine for about 1 & 1/2 years. He has been in remission after an auto SCT for almost 3 years. He has a CBC every 3 months. I was wondering if we should ask for a serum iron and ferritin test, also. Thank you for all of the work you do on behalf of cancer patients... ... ..

Subject # 427: ....... .Kay has been declared in complete remission-The oncologist said he does not see cases of complete remission with Multiple Myeloma- Kay will continue with the Curcumin(she is off the Thalidomide?Dexamethasone for a month prior to a stem cell harvest (Does she need it-how dangerous is the harvesting?) Also to prevent thrombosis we both take a large clove of fresh garlic in our food,every day. We wish you and your team all the best success in the world .... .

Neurofibromatosis 2 (NF2)

Subject # 339: ... ...I am a 39 yr old female patient with NF2 (cns tumors - too many to count) . I was on trial (FTS) thru Dr. Kurzrock for 15 months in 07-08. I've been a fan of yours for many years and also have used oral curcumin in every shape and form since 2002. I've had very little tumor growth since. Have been watching liposomal curcumin closely for sometime now and anxiously awaiting the day when its available for human trial. Is there anything new that you can share or a timeframe estimate ? I truly admire your work an enjoy reading your articles... ... ... .

Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma

Subject # 433: ......... .I thought I would update you on my sister with the Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She started taking the curcumin at 500mg 4 times a day 5th May. Over 4 days she stepped up each dose by 500mg to be at 8 grams a day. Due to her tiredness and this constant cough, she sometimes go to sleep during the day, missing a dose once. I suggested she take one during the night, to keep up the 8 grams intake. She does this, and still takes 8 grams daytime. She has not been missing any since, which means she has been on 10 grams a day with this extra dose. Her stools nice and loose, but she is happy with that as always had constipation. No excess acid on the loose powder capsules. I ordered 1 gram compressed tablets to reduce down to two rather than 4 caps each dose. She started to experience discomfort in the stomach of pain. She tried bread with them, which helped a bit, and now yoghurt which seems to resolve the problem. I have reordered the 500mg capsules to be on the safe side. The good news her restricted breath has resolved itself along with the constant cough, and I can only assume the chest area is getting relief from the curcumin in just over 2 weeks. The consultant agreed to give her the 3 months on curcumin before a revue. Her scans revealed growth in her neck, chest, armpit, and stomach area, but the slow type. She is very pleased with the progress so far, which is promising just after two weeks. Thanks for the dose amount...............

Subject # 439: ......... .I have had multiple myeloma for the past 10 years and have gone through several chemo drugs including thalidomide and Revlimid. Neither drug was active in reducing my M-spike until curcumin was added. After adding just 500 mg curcumin to 150 mg thalidomide, I had a 20% reduction in M-spike in just two weeks. Prior to adding the curcumin, I had no response to the same dose of thalidomide for four months. Over the next 2 1/2 years my M-spike was reduced 89% until it started to go up again. I had a similar response by adding 500 mg curcumin to 15 mg Revlimid.. ......... .

Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma (NSCLC)/ Artritis

Subject # 394: ... ... ...I am a confirmed believer in the power of curcumin. Both my husband and myself feel it has had a positive effect on our arthritis, much less knee pain etc. I also feel it is helping my lung cancer. My scans remain stable and I have had no more mets thus far. I started with NSCLC primary tumor of lemon size with mets to liver, spleen, several lymph nodes, clavicle, 2 backbone mets, breast, and hip. After 6 rounds of chemo, my primary was down to 2x3 cm, I still had spleen tumor, 4 lymph nodes and liver spots. I started curcumin during my last round of chemo, November 1 and gradually worked my way up to 6 grams daily in two doses. Mt Feb 7th scan showed only 2x3 cm primary tumor unchanged and 1 7mm lymph node. I am due for another scan March 26th and I am hoping for a similar outcome. I am also taking low dose Naltrexone ( 4.5 mg nightly) which has been researched by Dr Ian Zagon at Penn State. I asked him when I started LDN if I could remain on the curcumin as well and he said by all means, they work in a similar fashion. Please Thank Dr. Aggarwal for his research on curcumin. I hope it continues to help me! Thank goodness for researchers and their faith and diligence in their studies, as well as their willingness to answer questions. I have since told many other cancer patients that I know to look into curcumin... ...

Pancreatic Cancer

Subject # 411: ... ..I am suffering from Pancreatic deadly Cancer as a result of which I started hating taking any food. I came to know about curcumin Cur-500 capsules from my daughter in California -USA. I started taking 2 capsules i.e. 1 gm/day/week and then increased the doze to 2 gm/day i.e. 4 capsules/day and so on upto 8 gms/day. From 4th week I started feeling apetite and asking for food. This was really wonderful that ever since I have gradually started taking food regularly and to my content without feeling any problem whatsoever... ... ...

Subject # 425: ......Some time ago you were kind enough to give us advice to treat a friend, who was diagnosed a pancreatic cancer, with curcumin. We followed your suggestions on curcumin dose and up to now my friend is stable. However, we are having difficulties to purchase curcumin from Chile. We would like to obtain nano or liposomal curcumin, but it has been impossible. I wonder if you could please suggest alternative sources to buy curcumin......... .

Subject # 434: ...... .I think I am one of your success stories. Diagnosed 2/08 with pancreatic cancer, unsuccessful Whipple at the beginning of 8/08. Since then, until two months ago, I have been on the standard Gemcitabine regimen, but on my own added 6 gm. curcumin + bioprine. This worked well until a mass developed on my abdominal wall.... .

Polycythemia Rubra Vera

Subject # 432: ....... .You recommended that I take 8 grams of Curcumin daily for the Polycythemia Rubra Vera that I have been diagnosed of having. In 27 days, my platelet count dropped from 541 to 527. I am very happy about the results. I will follow up in June when I have been on the Curcumin for 3 months, as you advised to do......... .

Prostate Cancer

Subject # 410: ... ... .I am of 74-years age. About one and a half year back C A Prostate was diagnosed which showed metastasis in vertibral column. I was treated with anti-cancer therapy along with radio-therapy. After some time I came to know about curcumin Cur-500 capsules and started taking the same which showed good results. From the last 6 months all other medicines including radiations have been stopped and I am put on only Cur-500 Curcumin capsules. It worked wonder and I am now fine and regularly taking Cur-500 capsules alone... ... ... .

Smoldering Myeloma

Subject # 390:... ... ...All I have is my own experience, as follows: Before I took curcumin, I was subject to a variety of infections, including bronchitis. However, since January 2006, when I began the curcumin protocol, I have been relatively healthy, considering that I have smoldering myeloma and a tiny immune system. My haematologist in Florence is always amazed that I don't have constant infections (but I do not). I attribute my good health to curcumin. It is the only plausible explanation. An example: my husband has just recovered from a serious case of bronchitis, and I didn't catch even a sniffle from him. Given my low Igs, that would make no sense at all. Theoretically, I should be ill right now... ... ..

Subject # 317:....I have had smoldering multiple myeloma for 10 years and take 8-10 grams a day of curcumin. My blood proteins remain steady now......

Subject # 428:.........I am 38 years old, with 3 small children and has been diagnosed with a smoldering myeloma, type IGA kappa. Of course I'm in sorrow of worsening the cancer. But: Above all, my skin has become clearer and the IGA fall down, not much, but 0,2 points in 4 weeks after curcumin intake....... .

Thoracic Cancer

Subject # 282: ... ... .Tumor markers have gradually increased in recent months and Pet/CT scan last week confirmed a single metastasis to manubrium sternum. This is where first metastasis showed up in December 05, but at that time, there were also mets in the lungs. This time, no mets seen in lungs, which is good. I am now undergoing targeted radiation to the sternum, and after it is concluded, will begin Femara. I have been taking 4 gm daily of curcumin - and I believe this was part of my long remission - 28 months! Should I stop curcumin during radiation treatments or continue?... .

Thyroid - Metatstatic papillary cell caricnoma

Subject # 418: ... ... ..Hello Dr. Aggarwal, I continue to have good clinical responses with the use of curcumin and thank you for all of your work in this area. You and I had corresponded about 1.5 years ago and I continue to practice on Vancouver Island BC Canada. I just consulted on a 33 year old woman from Colorado who has metatstatic papillary cell caricnoma of the thyroid. 12 of 14 lymph nodes were positive. She underwent total thyroidectomy and is awaiting RIA. Have you seen any information on the benefits of curcumin for this specific type of cancer? Thank you very much and I look forward to your reply... ... ... .

Ovarian Cancer

Subject # 430: ...... . that I started taking 4 gr.//day and moved to 8 gr./day on April 1. Since the last tumor markers, of 3/11/10, and Monday, 4/19/10, something dramatic has happened. A decrease of at least 50%!!!! I have had only two chemo tx., taxol/cisplatin since that date. I believe it's the curcumin!! I am the woman who e-mailed you back at the end of Feb. asking about dosage. I told you that I have been in continual tx for the past 4 1/2 yrs. with metastatic OV CA. My initial tx was in 6/02. So, it's been 8 yrs. I am very grateful for all of your work and especially grateful that you took the time from your busy schedule to respond to me. I wish you many blessings............,

Subject # 435: ......I had written earlier: OvCa IIIC dx 2007, recurrence Jan. 2009, several chemos, ending w/weekly Taxol which seemed to work, but after a year, wanted to try something else. I started taking curcumin the day of my previous scan, Feb. 22, working up to 8 g/day, continuing until June 10, when I had another scan. The results are inconclusive: my tumors didn't grow nor recede significantly. My CA125 first went down a tiny bit, then up some (16.7, 11.9, 11.2, 14.2). What has changed is that instead of one sac (11 x 8 cm) I now have numerous additional cyst-like fluid accumulations (4-5 x 2 cm each) pushing on the few organs I have left. The 11 x 8 bubble is still there. What I do credit the curcumin with is a drop in total cholesterol (with which I have never had a problem before) from 234 to 174. Other than the bloating/pressure in my belly because of all the balloons, I feel perfectly fine. I'm thinking of taking 1g/day for the next three months.........

Uterine Cancer

Subject # 440: ...... .About 3 months ago my mother was diagnosed with the stage 4 cancer of the uterus with metastasies in the liver and pelvic area. She was prescribed chemotherapy by Dr. Joice Liu from Dana Farber. 1st treatment decreased the main tumor 45% and eliminated metastases in the liver. I later consulted a naturapatic dr. and he suggested Turmeric. She has been using it since that time and felt much better reversed the weight loss associated with chemo and increased her energy level and have had much fewer other side effects from the chemo than before. Last Friday she had a Drs appointment and the 4th chemo session after that. Dr. Liu mentioned that my mothers treatment is going much better than average for this condition ......... .
......... .Would you suggest a schedule to "gradually escalate the dose" she started at 500 mg and has been taking 1000 mg last few weeks and is feeling even better since the dose was increased. After I told her of your reply she said she will increase the dose right now to 2000 mg.........
...... . My mother increased the dosage to 2000mg from 1000mg as you suggested and is feeling even better has more energy etc. Thank you so much for your advice............ .

Chronic myelogenous (or myeloid) leukemia (CML)

Subject # 442: I thought you would enjoy learning of my recent FISH results I sent to Dr. Cortes (see below). I am taking the equivalent of 8-10 grams Curcumin every day (bcm-95 as per your web site). In addition to the Curcumin, I take 20mg. of Dasatinib - therapy re-started two months ago as per Dr. Cortes' prescription, and it does seem to be having a dramatic affect on lowering my FISH levels (in a short time). I truly expect to be FISH = zero at next test. I don't know the PCR tests yet. I have had myelosuppression problems (low Neutrophils), but my last blood counts show a slow uptick. I know I am my own un-scientific trial - but I do believe the Curcumin is enhancing the Sprycel without Sprycel side affects and severe myelosuppression that would most certainly occur at higher doses. It will be interesting to see if I can get to PCRu at low dose Dasatinib with the help of Curcumin. My goal is to get to PCRu for six months straight and then stop Sprycel and remain on Curcumin. I believe it may be possible for Curcumin to keep me in remission as long as I take it. Right now - I need the Sprycel to remove the "tumor" burden and get the PH+ chromosome population below detection. Please let me know if my results below are interesting to you. I welcome learning if there are others using 8-gram Curcumin with Sprycel for CML (Leukemia).

Other Diseases

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Subject # 402: ... ... ...I am an 84 year old retired psychological consultant who began taking a curcumin mixture (600 mg. curcumin) about two years ago as a substitute for 7 mg of prednisone. My hair was completely grey and had been for several years. Within a few ,pmtjs I noticed that I was getting some color in the hair, and for the past six months my hair has become totally brown. My wist started on the same program four months ago and now her hair (from the crown of her head on back) is 3/4ths dark and 1/4 grey, with the front portion of her head still mostly grey. I have AMD in both eyes, and since I concluded that the hair color change was based on reactivating dormant stem cells, I started on a program, based on 2.400 mg. of curcumin per day, to reverse the AMD (set in one eye and dry in the other). My vision is slowly improving. For example, the white line in a straight section of road has stopped curving to the right and lamp posts no longer split in the middle... ... ..


Subject # 414: ... ... ..I am having asthmatic problem for the last about 10-years. I was taking inhaler thrice a day but by taking Cur-500 capsules from 3-months back the problem has decreased remarkably. My intake of inhalation thrice a day has reduced to once a day. My digestion system has improved and blood cholestrol has fallen. No side effect has been felt with the use of the said capsules... ... ..

Subject # 415: ... ... .I am in a business where I am exposed to dust all the time. This effected my throat and it became highly allergic to dust. As a result, I was often having irritation in the throat besides severe and prolonged dry cough Lots of medicines were tried from different sources but all proved useful only temporarily. I came to know about curcumin Cur-500 capsules and I am taking one capsule daily for the last 3/4 months. It is really miracle and I am now fine. The Cur-500 capsules seem to have made my throat dust-proof... ... ...


Subject # 416: ... ... ..I am suffering from arthritis and back-bone pain for the last over 15 years. I started taking Cur-500 capsules for the last one year - 1 cap/day. After about a month I started feeling better and now I am not having any pain and am feeling very very happy and healthy, As a precautionary measure I intend continuing the same for some time more... ... ..

Subject # 271: ... ...My mother has been taking 2g curcumin daily since we corresponded in Dec of 2008. She says that her inflammation associated with her rheumatoid arthritis and pain associated with her right flank pain (still undiagnosed, however, a recent GI doctor visit seems hopeful, since he is determined to get to the bottom of this) would be exponentially worse without the curcumin. We are both grateful for it and for your recommendation!... ... ...

Crohns Disease

Subject # 412: ... ... .GOOD NEWS WITH CURCUMIN. We are now treating a female patient (33 years of age) with 1.5 g CUR-500 (3 capsules daily) who suffers from a chronically-active form of Crohns disease and we are happy to inform you that for the first time in 13 years she is in stable remission since 3 months. This is an unexpected clinical success... ... .


Subject # 413: ... ...I am suffering from Diabetes for the last 15 years and was put to insulin. About 6 months back I started taking Cur-500 Capsules i.e. one capsule thrice a day and am not only feeling much better but my blood-sugar has also fallen from 250 to 142 without any side effects... ... ..

GERD and Gastritis

Subject # 422: ......Just wanted to share with you. My Mother has GERD and gastritis. I gave her the potent 10 mg Curcumin samples from Japan; and she said her stomach is better!! She now wants to continue taking curcumin; which one do you use and how can I get it; do you use the Sabinsa product?.....

Gum Disease

Subject # 391: ... ..I used curcumin this week to knock down a flare-up of gum disease. I took about four of the pills a day. Also packed some turmeric against the inflamed gums. The problems went away in two or three days... ... ..

Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS)

Subject # 400: ... ... ..My husband was diagnosed with MGUS in 1994 then SMM in 2001; soon after he had 4 cycles of VAD plus High Dose Melphalan and tandem stem cell autograft ; from > 50 g/l his IgG went back to slightly above normal in 2002. As this marker really increased for the past year, I decided that instead of having curries 4 times a week and using turmeric as often as I could, I would dig the subject of high dose curcumin ; I came across many of your reviews and articles and was convinced. He started in July with 2x 1000mg Doctor's Best with bioperine, the incresed regularly till he reached 8g a day, which he now takes at supper, together with fish oil and Omega 3. He recently added Resveratrol ( natural trans-resveratrol 200mg a day) in the morning. After 3 weeks of high dose curcumin, his IgG curve showed a drastic inflexion and the heavy treatment (Revlimid plus another High dose melphalan and HSCT ) that the doctors expected to start in november was postponed till february... ... .

Systemic Mast Cell Disease (SMCD)

Subject # 368: ... ... ..12 years ago I was diagnosed with systemic mastocytosis, and my over-riding, most debilitating problem has always been fatigue/brain fog. The mastocytosis medications, antihistamines and cromolyn, have been helpful, but still I needed 12 hours in bed each day and was quite restricted as to activity. I'm now 68 years old; I was a RN in the US before moving to New Zealand 22 years ago. Nearly 3 years ago we discovered two primary NSCLC nodules, which have been removed by doing two lobectomies. A year later I had a pathological fracture from a metastasis to my humerus. My oncologists have emphasized that my tumor seems to be especially indolent, for which I am grateful. Because I have no soft tissue metastases, they have said chemotherapy isn't a realistic option for me, so it's a matter of watch and wait. Rather than being inactive, I decided (after considerable reading) to start taking turmeric, 5 grams daily. To my amazement, my mastocytosis fatigue and brain fog disappeared completely from the first dose. I feel so much better that I've suggested this to others with mastocytosis and other disorders of mast cell activation with similar symptoms. I don't have reports from many people yet, but it looks helpful to about half of those who have reported back... ... .

Subject # 438: . .... After your suggestion, my father had already started taking 8gr of curcumin more than four months ago, and his M-component decreased from 3.71 to 3.13.... .


Subject # 403: ... ... ..I wanted to bring to your attention that I just noticed that curcumin may help with neuropathy. I was having quite a few issues with it following my last chemo (end of Jun09). The symptoms started in Sept and kept on getting worse to the point that I could no longer do many Yoga poses (end of Nov09) as I could not put any weight on my hands. About 1 week after I started taking curcumin 8g*d all symptoms disappeared. Maybe something worth while investigating for other patients... ... ..

Subject # 429: ...... .her blood count has recovered in the past two weeks, with the white blood cells being normal and the platelets going up from 107 (thousands) to 167 in this time. The platelet count passed 148, where they had been before they were found (two weeks ago) to have dropped to 107. The blood labs were done yesterday at NY Oncology and Hematology, who have been treating Els. The nurse said the chemo (Temodar) is probably still affecting the blood, since Els is a bit anemic. We had checked last week with Tanya Pierce and with Vitamin Depot about Protocel possibly affecting blood counts, and with Dr. Aggarwal about curcumin -- and the replies told us that neither should have a negative effect on the blood. Thanks again for kindly taking the time to advise us. We had already found out that a lack of Vitamin B12 can cause low platelets, so Els started taking that two weeks ago, when she first learned of the low platelets. Whether the B12 made a difference or not, we don't know, but the rise in count was remarkable. The only other difference was that she cut the curcumin from 2700mg daily back to 900mg.
In mid-May another MRI, which we hope will show the mass is shrinking. Meanwhile, she's off the decadron steroid. At this point she's taking curcumin 900mg daily, in particular for its anti-inflammatory properties as a hedge against the withdrawal of the decadron. We're uncertain about increasing the curcumin doseage, and likely won't if the lack of metabolic activity continues....... .